To Raise the Rim or Not?Gefry Sarco Period 4 2/21/14 James Naismith established the height of the rim at ten feet. Professional basketball players today are capable of jumping over the rim facile. The game of basketball is an art that is essentially sound. Adjustments have been made to increase the speed of the game, but the beauty and fitness of the game is exceptional in its current form. Wayne Gretzky would not ask to reduce the size of the net, and Pele would not want to make the goal posts modicum. Many athletes would not be capable of dunking if the rim was increased in height. The question remains: Should the basketball rim be raised from the high school standard to the Pros?

The game of basketball requires the dedication of athletes to hone the athletes' skills to the ten foot rim. Players ranging from high school to the pros cherish the game, and enjoy electrifyimg the crowd with an intense dunk.


1)The majority of basketball athletes do jot want the rim raised an additional foot, and the NBA has not made serious considerations to the change.The NBA wants to abide by the wants of the players, and the NBA wants to keep players happy. (Versthen)

2)The majority of fans of basketball do not complain about the game seeming effortless to the players, and dunks bring the crowd to life. (Latent)

3) The NBA cares immensely about the fans' enthusiasm for the game, and the NBA makes sure to maintain an exciting and passionate atmosphere for the fans. (Manifest)

Social Conflict

1) No fan would want to see less scoring in basketball game. Less scoring is the equivalent of less home runs in our nation's past time,baseball. Fans may loathe the change. (Dysfunctional)

2) Many basketball players do not ask for the change, and professional basketball players do not want the change. The change could interfere with a players passion for the game.(Latent)

3) An NBA coach claims that fans at an exhibition game at the University if Washington applauded the increase in height if the rim, but many fans and players simply do not want the change.

Symbolic Interaction

1) The founder of basketball, James Naismith, established the height of the rim at ten feet.Society is adjusted to the beauty and nature of the game.

2) Basketball players have honed their skills to the ten foot rim. Many players would not want to change the natural complexion of the game.

3) The basketball athletes of tomorrow perhaps would embrace the game, and the athletes would love the sport that generations of people have played in basketball's current form.

Personal Reaction

Basketball is an amazing sport that requires teammates to communicate, develop chemistry with each other, and allows one to acquire a second family. The rim should not be raised because the game is perfect in its current form. Who doesn't love to see NBA Future Hall of Famers like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, etc. throq down a nasty dunk? All the while shifting the momentum from one team to the next. I believe the rim should stay as is.

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