the first crusade

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*citations- The social studies book,,

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*crusades-were a large group of european conquerers who, they took over muslim




started when the european people felt they had to spread their religon.

they felt threatened by the muslims.

jerusalem: because it is where Jesus was believed to have walked and is an important city to those religeons

WHRE IS TOOK PLACE: Northern europe/asia


*The red cross was on clothing to show their obedience to the religous leader

*1098 the first crusade captured the city of antioch in syria

*and from there they entered and took control of palistine

*having driven the muslims from the region the crusaders created 4 states to govern them.

*These states were called the county of edessa, antioch in asia minor,the last is called county of tripoly

*eventually the muslims fought back in 1144, they captured edessa in response the european rulers sent the 2nd crusade


3/4 of the Crusaders' horses died before they got to Jerusalem,meaning many of the knights had to fight on foot.

There was no recognized overall leader,a council of senior nobles (who often disagreed with each other) making collective decisions

The First Crusade was the only one that successfully captured Jerusalem

Every time the Crusaders were in a tight spot,an outburst of religious zeal saw them through,and ultimately to final success.

The Crusaders made little distinction between the various religious groups in their path,Eastern Orthodox Christians and Jews as well as Muslims being killed,in particular when cities were captured.

Antioch was captured when a Christian Armenian commander of a tower guarding one of the main gates accepted a bribe to open the gate and let the Crusaders in.

Pope Urban II,recognizing the likely tensions between the different Crusader leaders,appointed Bishop Adhemar le Puy as a Papal envoy to help resolve the inevitable arguments.

The leaders of the Crusaders all swore an oath to the Byzantine emperor Alexius Komnenas that they would hand over any territories captured from the Muslims to him;all of them reneged on these oaths.

Anna Komnena's 'Alexiad' contains a chapter on the First Crusade,which gives us a detailed Byzantine view of the Crusaders and their leaders.

A major reason for the success of the First Crusade was that the Muslim leaders and factions in the region were disunited and often as suspicious of each other as they were of the Byzantines and Crusaders