My name is Aaryha, I am 14 years old and I really enjoy singing and drawing.  I have 3 rowdy dogs, a sister, and I live with my mom and step dad. My everyday life consist of Anime and Video games.

3 Things About Me


I very much enjoy anime. Anime is a Japanese cartoon genre. Many people dress up and go to conventions for these. Every day I watch anime and see how far I can get in a day. I like anime because it makes me happy when I watch it and it also inspires my drawings.


I am in love with astronomy. Every night, if the stars are visible, I look up and think for a while. I want to learn more about our solar systems and the galaxy we live in. To discover a new star or planet.

Sunflower seeds

I think I have grown a addition to sunflower seeds. I eat them a lot and my favorite flavor is dill pickle. When I have money, I always end up buying a few bags to last me a while, but when they run out, I get devastated.

  • To go to a Anime Convention and cosplay with my friends


  • To Cosplay at a Convention
  • To become a Anime or Manga Artist
  • To catch up on my homework

Tokyo, Japam

I would like to travel to Toyko, Japan when I get older. I like their culture and the food they provide and it's a good spot to learn something. Japn has a fasinating background and I would love to visit to hear about it.

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