4x4 Camping Accessories Buying Guide

What camping accessories your 4WD should have to turn your camping trip into a real pleasure? With so many 4x4 camping accessories available on the market, it would be a shame not to customize your 4WD with all you need for your future camping trips. Whether you plan to travel alone or with a group, make sure you take all the essential camping equipment and 4x4 camping accessories. No need to sacrifice the comfort you have at home. Take the comfort with you wherever you go. Turn your 4WD a home on wheels. For your next camping trips and road excursions, consider buying some of the following 'must have' 4x4 camping accessories.

Portable Fridge – Portable fridges are not without a reason first on the list. We want to emphasize the importance of owning a camping portable fridge no matter where the road takes you. Keep your food cold and fresh as long as you can. Without food you would only be a nervous camper. Choose a fridge that doesn't take too much room in the vehicle and it's easy to carry around.

Tough Boxes – Tough boxes are designed to hold the harsh Australian Outdoors and extreme environmental conditions. Whenever you set on an adventure, think of getting a tough box. You will need one to protect your gear from water, shock, dust or vibration. Plus, it doesn't take too much space in the van.

Camp Chairs – Don't even set on a camping trip without a camp chair. You would want to sit comfortable in it and soak up the sun while fishing. Or simply enjoy the calmness of the woods. Camp chairs are easy to fold in and out and take very little space in the van.

Sleeping Bag – Sleeping bags give the comfort that you have at home. Well, maybe not as home, but comfortable enough to go through the nights in the woods. You can either place the sleeping bag in the van or on a clean ground around the fire. You decide.

Portable Folding Solar Panel – If you plan to go camping for few days, then you must find a way to recharge your devices. What better way to do that than portable folding solar panel. The best alternative energy solution available on the market. It's easy to fold and position for maximum solar capture.

Battery Power Packs – Power your equipment anytime, anywhere with battery power packs. 12V appliances and gadgets will never go out of power with this amazing camping accessory. Power packs come with external terminals that provide easy access for charging.

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