Can you condense a sonic boom to make jumping shoes and flying shoes.

Yes I think you can. Made by connor.

In recent tests, the maximum boom measured during more realistic flight conditions was 21 pounds per square foot. There is a probability that some damage -- shattered glass, for example, will result from a sonic boom.

The research,

A sonic boom is a loud sound kind of like an explosion. It's caused by shock waves created by any object that travels through the air faster than the speed of sound. Sonic booms create huge amounts of sound energy. When an object moves through the air, it makes pressure waves in front of and behind it.

My the Sonic boom concept is a theory that you can make sonic boom go some where and not get hurt.

The strongest sonic boom ever recorded was 144 pounds per square foot and it did not cause injury to the researchers who were exposed to it. That answers my second Question.

There are two types of booms: N-waves and U-waves. The N-wave is generated from steady flight conditions, and its pressure wave is shaped like the letter "N." N-waves have a front shock to a positive peak overpressure which is followed by a linear decrease in the pressure until the rear shock returns to ambient pressure. The U-wave, or focused boom, is generated from maneuvering flights, and its pressure wave is shaped like the letter "U." U-waves have positive shocks at the front and rear of the boom in which the peak overpressures are increased compared to the N-wave

The Invention

My device will allow me  to release sonic boom. A long titanium tube will fit inside hole in a iron cylinder. In that cylinder a bag of gun powder would have two wires connected to it. When the wires are activated the gunpowder ignites. It shoots the tube out and makes a sonic boom inside the cylinder. The vents inside the cylinder condense it and push it in certain area. The sonic boom will move out of the area slowly expanding.

That is how I will make a sonic boom condense in an area.

That is how you do science!!!

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