"Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! An Australian interpretation of the documentary"

As an Australian, this documentary "Super Size me" opened my eyes to a things I didn’t even know were occurring in America. The fact that there is an option is Primary Schools for kids to get one hour of sport/exercise a week is really something that I think is wrong. In my primary school we had sport at least twice a week. Along with playing during lunch and recess and having some free sport time if we had been good in class that day. We were getting a good amount of exercise every week. However to see that American schools do such a little amount of exercise, it isn’t really a surprise to me that America is the world’s fattest country. They’ve never had the chance to grow up and try different sports to get into when they’re older, so they don’t get any exercise!

I also always thought Australian canteens weren’t always the healthiest, however seeing what American children are getting fed in their schools makes me feel a lot better. In Australian canteens you will find the occasional salad, wrap, roll or sandwich that is actually quite good for you! American schools are filled with soft drink, pizza, fries, pasta and foods that have been mass produced to send out to schools so they can heat it up and serve it to the children. This isn’t what is going to help children get the energy they need to work properly.

The fact that American children don’t want to exercise is also a problem as being an Australian I know all my friends and I have always loved exercising.

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