Do You Want To Sell Your Property For Top $?

Follow these free advise ,thank me later

Would you want to buy a house
being sold by a pack rat?

Declutter , clean everything, upgrade your house for good ROI

If you want to sell your house quickly you really need to get rid of all of that stuff you find endearing but others will think is clutter. you really should do things like:

  • Depersonalize your place, let the Buyer imagine their furniture there
  • don’t ignore the exterior of your house – the shed, garage and yard may need attention too.

Cleanliness will Sell Your House Quickly

Clean, CLEAN, CLEEAANN!!!!!!! Make your house spotless. Why? Buyers want to imagine moving into the house and they won’t imagine moving into a dirty house

  • Clean all surfaces pretty much daily. Kitchen and bathroom counters need to look like you can eat off of them. And if you have any gunk around sinks, get an old toothbrush and scrub it away.
  • Everything has to be spotless. The saying goes: kitchens and bathrooms sell your house quickly.

Staging Will Help to Sell Your House Quickly

Pricing Correctly

If you over price your house the risk to sell your house quickly greatly diminishes. Most buyers use a buying agent and those agents have access to the MLS database and know what houses in your area sell for. Your sellers agent has the same data and should know where your house falls in terms of quality, finish and location. If you price to high be ready to adjust the price after the first month if you did not sell. you don’t want a stale listing . Price right that you will get 98% of asking price. Good research, hard work and sweat, faith in hiring a fantastic Broker who you are truly comfortable working with will pay off.

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