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3                                   High Flying Wrestlers

4                                    Heavyweight Wrestlers

5                                   Simple Maneuvers

6                                   Salaries

7                                    History of WWE Champions

The WWE Headquarters is located in Stamford, CT. This is were all of the paperwork is done.

WWE Wrestlers

Many people think that all of the wrestlers are the same and that they all do the same abilities. I will show u all that every wrestler has its own unique offense and defense. Fist of all a some wrestlers are "high flyers" for example Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, and many more.

This is the risk that some wrestlers take flying high in the air. Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara (the one jumping of the ropes) are know for their high flying abilities.

Heavyweight Wrestlers

Their are some wrestlers that are called "Heavyweights". These wrestlers weigh from 175 to 200 Lb. The finishers that they do are more devastating than the moves other wrestlers do.Examples of heavyweight wrestlers are Big Show, Mark Henry, The Undertaker, and alot more.

In these video you see Mark Henry delivering his finisher called the World's Strongest Slam to Kane putting him through the announce table !Ouch!

Simple Wrestling

Their are four types of holds that anyone can do. Their are Stretches, Chokes,Transition holds and Miscellaneous.Some of the moves that they do are DDT's , Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and more.   

A DDT can be done by any one from big muscular guy to a skinny short guy.


The salaries that these people make are enormous. the minimum payment is $72,520 and the maximum is $ 2,750,000 a week!! The commentators are the ones that get  paid less than $80,000. The superstars get paid from $85,000 to$ 2,750,000 a week!!!

WWE  Longest Championship Reigns

In the WWE holding a championship belt for a long time will make you a role model for future wrestlers. Future generation wrestlers are now trying to beat legendary title reigns from legends like Hulk Hogan,The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin,

Here is a bar graph of current WWE wrestlers and legends that have held the WWE championship. The man that holds the record of the longest title reign is not John Cena it is actually CM Punk. CM Punk held the WWE championship for 434 days.The current champion right now is "The Beast Incarnate" Brock Lesnar,Who by the way is the Youngest WWE champion in history.

Longest reigns for other championships

Even though the WWE championship is important,WWE also has Championships like the Intercontinental, United States,Divas, and the Tag Team Championships

The Ultimate Warrior held the Intercontinental Championship for 432 days and is the longest in history.

"The Lunatic Fringe" Dean Ambrose Held The U.S Championship for 351 days and holds the record.

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