My PAAC Digital Portfolio 2014-2015

This is one of my projects that I really liked that involved Photoshop and was fun and I got to use my imagination by making an Avian Wolf and this was a projector Photoshop.

This also used Photoshop and was a part of Fashion Design and we had to make a logo and put it on the clothing and design it.

Mostly all my good projects were made on Photoshop and this website wouldn't let me put my Music Mix or Presentations that I would've put. This is a Post Card I made from Photoshop because Reno,Nevada was where I was born.

This was a project on Pages and the boxes showed when I took the Screenshot and these are all the fonts I learned to use.

This was also on Pages and was about College that I had to research in class.

Most of these Projects are not my best because the best ones are the ones I could not upload to this digital presentation.The ones that are the best are the first two pictures.

I have E-mails and Blogs and they are about me or about school. Digital Photography is pictures on the computer. Keynote Presentations are stiff like Prezi's or Animoto's and is obviously a presentation. Video Production is like IMovie. Sound Engineering are Music Mixes or stuff on Audacity. Photoshop are pictures that are layered like my first three projects. Desktop Publishing or Pages are the  last two pictures I showed you and can have pictures and texts. Animation is like Stop Motion or 3-D or 2-D Animation. Fashion Design is hand drawn than math comes in to make the drawing to a life size clothing to wear like my second picture. Game Design is about games and devices to play on and rules, mechanics, space, or components of that game.

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