by Miranda lewis

this is the Eiffel tower at8:00 in Paris

More about Paris paradise?yes my research it is kind of but my thinking is different I think it is . if you think about it you can see why I think it is. the reason I think it  is because all of the beautiful sights you see .I mean all of the beautiful things you seek.  

(so all of the people from Paris speak French)

I think All the fashion is from Paris because they have all of the fashion shows plus they have all the expensive cloths like dress's, high heels, and diamond encrusted jewelry     

(this is Paris Las Vegas)

Is Paris Paradise?

To my research Paris is like Paradise. But my thinking is that it is. Because if you think about it all the beautiful things you see.

What I

Think is a


Site to seek.

Also another thing is the popular pets. 

Look at some great fahion from Paris. I think that the most fashion is from paris because all the fashion shows mostly are in paris, all the expensive clothes like high heels, dresses,and incrested diamond jewelry.

More about Paris !!!

Paris has lots of beautiful sites. List of sites!!!!!! Las Vages. Eiffletower and many others

So now is a celebrety quiz.

Time for a quiz

Who are the singers in Paris?

                      Thoughts please :  

                       NO SLOPPY WRITING!!

A cello is an instrument in Paris .So is a violin viola and a bass so they have all of the instruments we have.

Lastly is all about the author!!!!!!!!!!!

I am Miranda Lewis and my dream is to go sing one day in Paris. My dream job is to sing and travel all around the world. So I hope you will read my story about Paris.


I hope you read other story's by me. I hope you like my beautiful Paris article!!:):):)