They also had to program the crafts so that they could work properly and succeed in the mission.

Air and space museum in 7th grade!!!

Korean and vietnam aviation

During the Vietnam war, pilots flew these planes during the war. This was a great challenge since many enemies were after them.
They also had to put on air helmets to protect them from the high altitude during the war.
Generals also had to wear these types of uniform.

Application satelittes

Astronauts had to use this equipment in a space ship and also had to eat this type of food so that they could survive in the spacecraft.
Missiles and satelittes like these went up into space to orbit planets and the earth to find out more about them.
These circuit boards helped the spacecraft to be controlled and to function properly so that the crew would survive.

Interwar military aviation

The airplane emerged from world war 1 was recognized widely for its potential as a military weapon. It helped the navy to fight in wars.
Even though pilots were pretty much protected, they had to fight the air pressure. They had to wear these helmets to at least protect them
This radio was used to keep in touch with the pilot so that if anything happened, they could help the pilot.

The military also had to go through a lot of training so that they could be prepared for anything in there way!

Human spaceflight

For years humans have wanted to go to space to see what space was like...

Humans often used space shuttles to explore space and the planets such as the moon. This led to great discoveries later on.
A space shuttle like this would be reusable so that it could go on repeated trial and missions so that they could know more about space.
Equipment was Important so that the crew could be protected and safe during the mission. It also ensured that they were safe and sound
Major general Curtis e lemay was one of the most celebrated air commanders of the war.
This is the boeing b-29 Superfortress. It was the most advanced bomber of the war. It had a range of more than 5,000 kilometers..

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