Bikes, Bees & Butterflies at the Cleveland One World Festival

Saturday, September 13th from 1-9 pm

Inspired by the beauty and potential of Rockefeller Park and the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, IngenuityFest creator and Cleveland Public Theatre founder James Levin is launching Cleveland One World Festival to bring people back to the Gardens. Cleveland One World Festival will expand upon the Cleveland Cultural Gardens’ “One World Day,” a celebration held in the gardens for the past 65 years. This year Cleveland One World Festival event will take place on September 13 & 14, and will offer a cultural smorgasbord in celebration of Cleveland’s incredible cultural diversity. This FREE event will feature authentic, ethnic food, drink, and musical, theatrical, and artistic entertainment will showcase the best of what Cleveland’s cultural communities have to offer.

Bikes, Bees & Butterflies is happy to participate as one of the Zero Waste (Non-Food) Vendors on Saturday. Featured at out booth will be UpCycle Parts Shop Artist designing a bike on site, information about pollinators and coloring activities!

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Ann Cicarella 3 years ago
Stephanie Clements Organizer

Join me at the Festival!