My Life and ME

Family is very important in life. They are always there in the good or bad days. I love My family! They are the ones that protect you from bad things, the ones that always tell you what to do. Not to be mean but so you learn how to do things.

I love My Family!

This is my house, we were filling up a pool for my nephew.

I like to be with my family on Sundays. We always due fun things like on this photo we are filling up a pool for my nephew. I have lots of fun being with my family. They are always there for me. Even if sometimes the tell me to not do something i love them!!

I like to be with my friends especially with Nicole. She is always there for me and makes my day. Even in the worst days she makes me happy. She is very nice and helpful. he makes me laugh! I don't know what would i do if i didn't met her.

I Love you Nico!!!

My favorite hobby in life is dancing. I always like to take time dancing and doing it correctly. I enjoy dancing because i do it for a special reason. Each week i always practice for dancing classes. I have lots of friends at my dance class and they make me happy.

Finally i like to be with my dog and take care of him. He understands me and when i am sad he cuddles me . He is very sweet and kind .I always take him for a walk, or maybe for a run. I love him so much that i don't need to go out with friends i love to  be with him!  


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