Life: How You Live It Is Your Choice.
How Will Your Choices Affect Your Body? #Lifestylechoices

Your life style choices can affect your life, also the environment you live in can decrease your health. Things like tobacco, drug, and alcohol use, amount of exercise, quality of air, and kinds of food can put you in a life or dealth situation because these lethal items change the condidtion of your body. Stay healthy and make good choices!

Smoking tobacco rots away your body and has many negative effects. One negative effect that takes a toll on your body is what happens to your immune system. Your immune system is meant to block out dieases and infection, but by smoking you are weakening your immune system making you more prone to many diseases. Therefore, smoking tobacco damages your body.

Alcohol, and drug use affect the brain and body, plus addition is very common. When alcohol reaches the brain, it immediately takes control over your body functions and your brain no longer has control. Drinking alcohol also effects the mouth, stomach, circulatory system, brain, kidneys, lungs, and liver. By using drugs there are long and short term effects, "Many drugs can cause liver damage, make your body unable to fight off infection, make your heart beat too fast, cause your body temperature to get so high you could damage your brain, cause a stroke, and even cause death. There’s just no need to risk the sometimes permanent side effects that come from a few minutes of getting high." Hugs not drugs!

The amount of exercise affects your health. First off, not exercising increases the chance of heart disease risks. Increasing your amounts of exercise can make your heart stronger, therefore making it easier to pump blood at maximum level, without as much strain. But, you do not have to exercise vigorously, any amounts of exercise help reduce heart disease risk. Anything is better than nothing, so get off of your couch and go do something today!

Breathing in pollutants is very harmful. These poisons put people at major risks like, "People who breathe in these poisons are at a higher risk for asthma and reproductive-system damage...birth defects can also be caused by air pollution." You don't want to put anyone at risk when you pollute the air, be careful!

Food is a powerful aspect in life, it controls the process of the way you can move, think, and breathe. Waking up in the morning and eating a good healthy breakfast will help you achieve your daily goals, such as school or work or being a mother. But, on the other hand, waking up and eating an un health breakfast can causes you to put more effort, strain, and pain into each motion. Food controls you. Eat healthy.

In conclusion, there are many negative affects on tobacco, drug, and alcohol use, amount of exercise, quality of air, and kinds of food. Make smart choices. It is better to live a long, healthy life.