Bolivia was once part of the Inca empire. When the Spanish defeated the Inca's in the 1600's , its Indian population reduced to slavery. By the End of the 1700's , its mineral richness began to die down & The country gained its independence in 1825.It was named after a famous liberator , Simon Bolivar. Bolivia's mineral market help keep up its economy & makes it the country it is today.

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Bolivia became independent from Spain in 1825 & Joined the South America nations in 1969, it is one of the most least developed countries in Latin America. It has a strong market for natural gas. Bolivia runs on a Subsistence Economy , that means it relies of its natural resources for basic needs. It is a member of the Andean community for south America, a trade bloc with Mexico, The U.S , Europe & Asia

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In Bolivia , the main food is Lunch. The food depends on the kind of ingredients found in the area. Bolivian food consists mostly of meat and spices. Bolivians usually make spicy foods. Some of the most common foods eaten are Saltenas, Humitas , Empanadas , Roasted Pig &  Changa de pollo.

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Climate Region

Bolivia is part of the Wet Dry climate region. It is divided into 5 different climatic regions. The Andes, Altiplano, Yungas  , the Chapare , Temperate Valleys & the Tropical Low lands. In the highland regions (Andes & Altiplano) the weather usually does not change from season to season, it is usually a cold weather region because of its geographic placement. The eastern highland regions (Chapare & yungas) it is warm and humid and also, does not change from season to season. In temperate valleys the weather is mild,  going from warm to a hot climate. Most of the Bolivian territory us made of the Tropical Lowlands , generally, they are Hot , and humid year round depending on the amount of rainfall it receives.

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