narrative poem ,Howard, 11/4/13

Hanna with eyes like the sky during a sunny summer day

Hanna of a loving family who supports her completely

Hanna whose a small town girl from Texas

is a sweet girl with a good heart

encouraging everyone by giving them complements

smiling even when she is so sad

works hard at what she believes in

plays all the sports she can

rides to school every day

Hanna helpful to everyone she meets

loves her family with all her heart

the cutest smile you have ever seen it will brighten your day

because the next thing that happened changed her life

Hanna inside feels sad and alone

inside she wants him back

inside she wishes they never broke up

is failing her classes and blocking her friends out

hoping that her sadness would stop

praying to god to help her

crying and crying her sadness would never stop

sadness was the last thing she felt she killed herself on a sweet summer night

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