Hope,Believe,and Never Give Up

by Rodrigo Jacobo


Have you ever wondered what it could have felt like to be in the holocaust? "Are we human still or again?" said Gerda Weissmann a holocaust survivor,"they have tried to drag us to the lowest level of existence, demeaned us, treated us worse than than animals. Yet something has remained alive in us for it stirs anew." This quote's message is to believe, have hope, and never give up.

The first thing that supports Gerda Weissmann's quote is the book "Night". The book "Night" by Elie Wiesel is saying to never give up, or to believe. "Night" supports Gerda Weissmann quote because Elie and his dad talk at the end of the story and dad says that they have made it that much into the war and to never give up. Gerda Weissmann's quote and the novel "Night" relate to each other's message because the author of "Night" and Gerda Weissmann both were in the holocaust and they know how it felt to be in the Death camps being treated not like humans.

Go to:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_(book) for more information

Here is a second source that supports Gerda Weissmann's quote. "Terrible Things" by Eve Bunting is an other source that has the message of hope. In "Terrible Things" the little rabbit had hope for the other animals. "Terrible Things" supports Gerda Weissmann's quote because little rabbit had hope that someone would under stand him. Also he hoped no more animals would be taken by the terrible things. "Terrible things" and Gerda Weissmann's quote share the same message because in "Terrible Things" little rabbit had hope.

The movie "The Diary of Anne Frank" also supports Gerda Weissmann's quote because Anne Frank hoped they would not be coughs by the Nazis till the end of the war."The Diary of Anne Frank" message was to believe and have hope. Anne Frank had hope her family and the other families would not be caught by the Nazis. Also at the end of the movie they said that hope had led them that for and now they were free. Gerda Weissmann's quote and the " The Diary of Anne Frank" relate the same message because Anne Frank was also in the holocaust.

Gerda Weissmann's message was to have hope, to believe, and never give up. I learned that hope doesn't happen in in dreams it happens in life. So remember hope is to believe and never give up in life.

Gerda Weissmann.

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