Fantastic Food Land

The newest, coolest and greatest food-themed amusement park

We have the coolest coasters, from crazy intense, to mellow and delicious!

Want to Visit?

Visit us at 8764 Bob Drive Denver, Colorado 33333

Call us: 333-475-8379

When we're open:

Friday-Saturday: 10:00am-10:30pm

Sunday-Thursday: 10:3oam-9:30pm

We are not open from December 20-January 5

Buy some tickets:

Children ages 0-3 get in for free!

Children ages 4-12: $12.00

Adults (13+): $15.50

We also offer birthday party specials!

10 kids: $110.00

11-19 kids: $150.00

20 kids: $180.oo

The Bizarre Brownie Sundae

The Bizarre Brownie Sundae is our most recommended and favorited ride. It's so intense that we are offering a coupon for a free brownie. It takes you through loops twists and turns in brownie, whipped cream, ice cream, and cherry cars.

Food Court

      Our food court is the best food court of any amusement park you will ever visit. We have food themed rides and ride themed food for all you food and ride lovers. We have a bizarre brownie sundae that is themed to our ride and can be purchased with a coupon from the ride for free or for $3.50 without a coupon. Plus we have over 30 ice cream flavors!

Gift Shop

Our gift shop has the coolest stuff. We have stuffed versions of all your favorite foods, like burgers, fries, or baby carrots. We also sell magnets, mugs, clothing, candy, and much, much more.

This Tackk was created by Maegan, Annette, Hasita, and Hannah in Ms.Clark's Period 7 LAB 21 Class

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Background Burger:
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Roller Coaster:
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3 years ago

Hello. This looks like a delightful amusement park!!!

3 years ago

Thank you @GreenQueen you should visit soon!

3 years ago

Yeah, the food court seems like the best in the whole world!!!

3 years ago

:) I LOVE IT!!!!!!

3 years ago

@GreenQueen I agree