Wanted: 1 Year Foster for Shorty

I'm headed to Edinburgh...and Shorty needs a place to stay!

Shorty...Sho-Tay...Short Cake...Short Stuff...the Short One...Shorts...Sho-Sho...Squeaker...

She goes by many names. And all of them are adorable. I'm headed to Edinburgh to get my masters in marketing in the fall and student housing does not allow pets. Shorty needs a place to stay! Can you find space in your home for this tiny girl while I'm away? I will be finishing my program in mid to late August of 2014.

A little about Shorty. She's a tiny, 8-pound, roly-poly fur ball. She's very lively and will gaze at you hopefully with her huge, green eyes. She either a) wants whatever you're eating, b) wants to snuggle on any part of your body, c) wants to roughhouse on the floor, or d) is just staring because that's how she rolls. She may act like a little kitten, but she's actually a grey lady at 11-years-old. She can be a little feisty at times, but every older lady is entitled to her moments. And she's not really mad...usually she just wants to play.

Shorty is front declawed, so playing with her is a lot of fun--and she's easy on your furniture. She's not super quick or great at jumping, so your countertops are safe (as is your dining room table if you push in the chairs). She's good about her litterbox. She's indoor-only since she can't defend herself. She's a door-greeter, but not interested in going past meeting you at the threshold. She's pretty scared of dogs and kids. She has lived with another cat (she likes being an only...but she'll get over it), so I'm happy to introduce her to new feline housemates.

She's up on her shots (and will be getting a check up in August). She's overall in great health. She will eat ANYTHING...so my only word of caution is that she can eat egg, dairy products, and basic breads with no ill-effects (as the occasional treat). But you do have to watch her with unguarded plates since she will investigate and taste whatever you cooked for dinner. She used to weigh a hefty 11 pounds, so you do have to ignore her sometimes when she says she's hungry. Sometimes I think she believes she's a dog. She even does tricks...such as ride around on my shoulder. We're working on "sit" at the moment. We'll see how it goes.

I'm happy to provide some cash for food (eats anything...really loves any wet food with cheese in it) and my mom does live in the general area (Richmond, Va.) if there's an emergency.

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