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Hello every body to day I am going to tell you A little bit about new york state and then  new york city but before I do any of that i am going to  tell you why i chose this state and country. Ok so first i chose this state because by dad lives in new york city an why i did new york state is because well to to tell you the truth I don’t now i guess I was just trying to stall you. Ok now for real this time first the population of new york state is 19,651,127 people ( in 2013 ). Next,its capital is Albany. Ok now to the states animals here is A list of them eastern blue bird , beaver, nine-spotted Ladybug, brook Trout, and-last, but not least the bay Scallop. One of the state’s nicknames is The empire state (which is 78) though i have also heard it been called “the big apple”. new york state officially became A state on july 26 (1788). Oh and did you know that new york cabs a yellow because A lot of people peed on them no I am just kidding john hertz (the company founder) learned from A test that yellow is the easiest color that the eye can see thats the real reason why they are yellow. Now lets zoom in to new york city I am going to tell you a few story’s that happened in new york city then A few facts and then I will be DONE. Ok here are the story’s I hope you in joy them  :).


In 1978, Frenchman Philippe Petit perpetuated what was since called the “artistic crime of the century” when he walked the sixty one meters (200 feet) between the twin towers of the World Trade Center on a tight rope, more than 400 meters (1,300 feet) above the street.  

This was no mere whim; this stunt took years of planning.  Petit snuck into the towers to do research wearing the disguise of construction workers and office employees, forged identification cards, and even did aerial reconnaissance.  On the morning of August 7, Petit and his co-conspirators used a bow and arrow to pass increasingly larger ropes across the chasm until they strung up the steel cable he would walk on for 45 minutes, passing back and forth between the buildings eight times.  It was a spell binding routine; Petit laughed gleefully as he ran, bounced, and sat on the wire curtsying to the police officers massing on the rooftops.  Eventually, he was warned a helicopter was coming for him, and the falling rain caused him to turn himself in.  The incident brought much-needed good publicity to the newly build World Trade Center, which had been seen as an eyesore.  Charges against Petit were dropped in exchange for a community service act for children in Central Park--a high wire walk over Turtle Pond.  He has since gone on to write a series of books and perform all over the world, including more than a dozen times in New York City.


The skyline of New York was born from the elevator; without it, buildings more than a few stories tall would be impractical.  And despite what the television and movies would have you believe, elevators are extremely safe.  However, they are rather finicky contrivances, and it is not uncommon for one to get stuck.  Usually, some minor mechanical issue is to blame and is fixed within minutes.  But in 1999, New Yorker Nicholas White experienced a claustrophobic’s worst nightmare when the elevator he was riding became stuck for 41 hours.

White, who worked in the McGraw-Hill building in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center, was a production manager for Business Week.  He was working late one Friday evening when he decided to take a smoke break.  He rode the elevator down, had a cigarette, and was attempting to return to the 43rd floor when his elevator became stuck.  White attempted to use the intercom and activate the alarm.  There was a camera in the elevator, and he expected security personnel to rescue him shortly.  No one came to help.  He paced relentlessly, smoking up his cigarettes.  After a while, he pried open the doors only to see a cinderblock wall.  Eventually, he was forced to urinate into the elevator shaft.  

After a while, he laid down to sleep on the filthy carpet.  When no one came, he attempted to access the escape hatch on the top of the elevator, only to find it locked.  Hours passed in a kind of delirium, and White completely lost track of time.  Eventually, a guard discovered his presence, and he was released on Sunday afternoon, 41 hours after he’d been trapped.  The sped-up video of White’s ordeal has become a You Tube sensation, garnering over eight million views.  

White quit his job and filed a $25 million lawsuit against the building and elevator company.  After years, he settled for an undisclosed sum that was a tiny fraction of what he was looking for, allegedly in the low six figures.  He claims to regret his decision to quit his job, and, as of 2010, reportedly worked at a sporting goods store.

those where the story’s now....    to the facts!!

And that the statue of liberty was A present from the government of france. toilet paper was invented by Joseph C. gayetty of new york city boy am I glad he invented that. more than 250 movies are shot on location every year!!!. and gennaro lombardio opened the first pizzeria in 1895 in new york city!. Ok last one who likes chess well the first american chess tournament was held in new york city in 1843!. well I hope you in joyed my presentation have A good rest of your day A great rest of the week and A wonderful rest of your life. :)

                                                                 THE END

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