Rice University

Isabel Torres 3rd period

Rice University is located in 6100 Main Street, Houston, Tx 11005-1927, USA.

Rice University was founded by William Marsh Rice in 1912. He was a Texan cotton mogul

Their current president is David W. Lee Bron.

Rice University is a private school.

Rice's school colors are gray and navy blue.

Their mascot is Sammy the owl.

MOB is Rice University Marching Owl Band.

Their fight song is:

"Fight for Rice, Rice fight on,

Loyal sons arise.

The blue and gray for Rice today,

Comes breaking through skies

Fight, fight, fight!

Stand and cheer,

Victory's near

Sammy leads the way.

Onward we go to crush the foe

We'll fight for blue and gray!"

Their Alma Matter is: Rice's Honor

"All of Rices's Honor, we will fight on

We will be fighting when this day is done.

And when the dawn comes breaking,

We'll be fighting on, Rice, for Gray and Blue.

We will be loyal, to Rice be true."

All students receive free varsity tickets to all events.

Unisex Sports:

Basketball, cross country, tennis, and track and field.

The men have golf and football while the girls have soccer, swimming, and volleyball.

Within rice there are eight different schools, they are the following:

School of Social Sciences, School of Humanities, School of Natural Sciences, School of Business, School of Engineering, School of Architecture, and School of law.

Popular majors: General Biochemistry, Bio engineering, Economics, General Political Sciences, and Government.

Tuition is $39,880.

Fees are $686.

For the room and board it's $13,400.

The cost for the books is, $800.

You will have to make some personal expenses which will round to about $1,550.

The total cost should be around $56,316

*Freshmen are charged a $280 for orientation week.

*If student will be staying on campus during orientation they will be charged a $295 for room and board.  

3,920 graduates were enrolled in 2013.

To be considered for Rice you have to have:

32 or higher in your ACT scores and 2180 or higher for your SAT


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