Canada is a beautiful place.Canada is part of the first nations. They were one of the first nations to settle as immigrants. You will always fit in in Canada because they have adopted an official policy of multiculturalism which means that they accept many cultures not just one culture.

Canada has a legislature also called a parliament. It has two bodies, the house of commons and the senate. They are the one who determine the laws and create the policies. Canada also has a prime minister which is the head of the government.

Canada exports things. They export fish because the fishing in Canada is great. They have all sorts of fish such as salmon and pan fish. Canada also has great hunting if you are into hunting. They have moose,all types of bear and many other big game and small game animals.

Canada has all sorts of ways to get around. They have cars,trucks and taxis. You can also take a bus or a light rail to get to your destination. Canada doesn't have a shortage of transportation.

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