Tuxtilla Veracruz

By: Tori Copto
Have you ever heard of Tuxtilla? If you haven’t and you want to learn than you should this tackk. It will teach you what it is, what you can see there, the technology, what the adult do for a living, and the schools there.

In this tackk you will learn where it is, what you can see there, the technology, what the adults do for a living, and the schools there.
What Tuxtilla is?
Tuxtilla is a small town near the bottom of Mexico. It is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. It is also surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico.
What can you see there?
When you first walk in to Veracruz you might see a lot of things, like sometimes you will see sugar trucks driving by, and wild dogs, cats, and sometimes chickens. If you go there during the holidays you will see every one dressed up for the holiday celebrations. You can go to the stage/park and watch a show

Tuxtilla is not known for good technology, but it can be known for bad technology. If you ever walk in to a house there you well probably see an old TV you will not see any computers. When you walk out of the house you will see bikes, motorcycles and people walking.


Winter Construction Bring all their money together and see how much they have
Summer Construction crops
Spring Pick mangos Construction
Pick mangos Crops Construction
All year
Crops construction School The kids there go to school for 2 hours. They usually read, write, math, and go out to recess. Then they kids draw or watch a video for 5 minutes and go home.

Tuxtilla Veracruz is a great place to visit because they have a great view. They are improving g on their technology. It is also a good place to go if you are a construction worker, or have kids.so if you ever get a chance to visit, GO.
Construction=build something Town=houses, stores, and other buildings it’s smaller than a city but bigger than a village Crops=plants like corn, potatoes, and tomatoes

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