Spider Mites

Made by: Nathaniel Cook and Robbie L.

What a Spider mite looks like (above)

A spider mite sucks plant juices with needle like mouthparts, which cause spotting, yellowing, fading, and premature drop of foliage.They have 5 stages of growth and in all stages beside the egg do they have legs.

What category a spider mite falls in.

The spider mite falls under the category: a sucking insect. They are not arachnids ( like spider,scorpions,etc.).

The problems spider mites can cause.

Some symptoms/problems to the plant that spider mites cause:

- flecking, the discoloring, stippling, and scorching of leaves

- they only cause these problems and don't contribute to any other problems.

Symptoms that a spider mite is present

You will be able to see tiny moving dots in great clumps since spider mites live in big colonies with lens. You will also be able to see little clear bubbles where the spider mite has previously sucked on leaf ( as shown in the picture above.).

What a spider mite does if left untreated.

-further symptoms will lead to loss of leaves and in some cases, death of the plant.

How you can minimize spider mites.

You can minimize spider mites by:

- Providing water during dry conditions

- They also have natural enemies

- You can use pesticides specifically developed for mites

- Soap on the leaves

The cost of materials needed to elimante spider mites

A pesticide that you can use to get rid of spider mites is a pesticide called Liquid Ladybug V that costs $22.95.

Pest Management Plan

If I had spider mites I would use this management plan:

- First I would use biological control because the spider mite has natural enemies, so I would get some water and water the plant.

- Second I would prune the plant and remove affective leaves.

- Third I would coat the plant in liquid ladybug because it would not affect the plant but it would kill the spider mites.

- Lastly if that didn't get rid of the spider mites I would do nothing and hope it wpuld rain then check becasue in a heavy rain tehy can be disloged from the plant.

The End!

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