Our world has become a global village that has increased cultural diversity in organizations. Differences in our race, nationality and ethnicity has made the diversity advantageous to the companies therefore it is seen to have positive impact influencing the workplace.

Culturally diverse employees have different opinions and beliefs. Their difference of opinion tends to develop exceptional ideas that help to achieve the targets more effectively. The matter can be viewed from different perspectives and that helps to take better decision to cater the problem. Brain storming of ideas results in better problem solving. At times these different norms, values and thoughts do create conflict but then it is a manager’s job to handle cultural diversity efficiently. When working in a culturally diverse team, the cultural differences are overcome as work experiences are shared.

The greatest benefit the organization gains from culturally diverse workforce is when it plans to expand its market internationally. Since employees already have been working in an environment of diverse groups, they will not resist working in other countries with different culture and norms. The cultural knowledge helps employees the most when working as expatriates to minimize cultural shocks. It is advantageous for the companies as it reduces investments on hiring trainers, buying newspapers and journals to increase foreign knowledge of the expatriate.

Positive impacts are seen when employees learn about other’s culture and learn to speak their languages. This not only improves communication in the workplace between co-workers but also helps cater clients who speak their native language.

Cultural diversity can cause both positive and negative impact. However, the list of favorable impact is more thus cultural diversity in workplace usually causes positive impact. Where the probability of problem solving is higher, there the conflicts of ideas may occur or personal grudges are observed. It depends how well the manager manages the cultural diversity of the organization. A manager can make full use of all the benefits of diversity with his effective skills.

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