Why Use Two-Factor Authentication

Those looking for effective account protection should rely on two factor/ multi factor authentication. Password protection no longer is enough to give you peace of mind unless fortified with a two-factor safeguard. Here, the security system will ask for additional information besides your password before providing the access you desire. It involves the knowledge you have, such as your password, along with some device such as a smartphone. As the name signifies, multiple factors come into play in this kind of arrangement to authenticate your entry. Once you enter your password, the system sends a specific code to your smartphone, or any other mobile device, and then you will gain access.

High-profile breaches have become quite common giving company CEOs more than one sleepless night. Presence of authentication processes that involve multiple factors can help solve the security issues dogging various organizations. One cannot deny the role of the CEOs when it comes to ensuring data security. They in turn will rely upon their IT team to provide the appropriate solution. Companies also rely on third-party vendors to provide effective data safeguards so that any compromise doesn't occur. So what are the benefits associated with multifactor authentication that makes it so popular in the modern organizational scenarios?

Here are some reasons in support of this state of the art protection system. According to online research, 44% of all the fraud cases of 2013 involved the online medium in some way. The fastest growing crime today is identity theft that many consider even more profitable compared to drug-related crimes! Most established service providers on the web, use authentication tools that are SMS-based so naturally these will be good for the businesses as well.

One of the most important benefits associated with such a security system is the use of advanced options like the single sign-on techniques making this easy for the end users and difficult for hackers. Here users will perform initial processes related to two-factor authentication. After this, he or she will gain admission through single sign-on and access all the required data and apps. There is no need to enter credentials and passwords every time.

By working with an experienced and knowledgeable service provider, it is possible to get the best results from this kind of authentication system and ensure complete security for your organization’s data. This way, the integration of the authentication system with existing infrastructure becomes seamless, especially for small businesses. With the security benefits associated with two factor authentication processes, its popularity rises continuously. With organizations operating from multiple locations, it is important to make employee access both easy and safe.

With multi factor authentication, there is a marked reduction in risk associated with data breaches relating to outsiders having malicious intent. This kind of arrangement in no way restricts the access of end users but instead makes it a worry free affair. Today, the time is ripe for implementation of two factor authentication that makes remote access a piece of cake.

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Benson Hedge is a pioneer in the field of biometric authentication and runs his own organization manufacturing security systems relating to this technology. He also likes to spread awareness about the many aspects related to the industry through the many informative articles he writes.