Free mLearning Options

Catered to Language Arts and Social Studies for
Jr. High and Sr. High School Students

QR Scanner

What is this? A QR scanner, scans QR codes. The codes themselves are matrix bar codes that can be read through a camera of a smart phone or tablet. These codes hold a link that can bring you to a picture, webpage, or anything that can be accessed online. This app allows the user to scan or create the codes.

How can it be used? Using QR codes has a two fold advantage. First, it eliminates the hassle of typing in the long URLs and allows students to go directly to the site as directed. It also harbors many opportunities of incorporating it into lesson plans besides function. QR code scavenger hunts, students sharing links, voting options, or incorporate as a daily routine to link as soon as the student walks in to daily readings or whats happening that class.


What is this? This is an app that allows the user to take a picture and then to voice record over top of the photo. The user and link or share this to a website, email, or select social networking sites.

How can it be used? This would be a neat app to use as a reflection project. There is a section in the Language Arts Diploma that requires the student use picture, prose, or poetry in a personal response. An assignment could touch on this reflection atmosphere. The student could take a picture of something that reminds them of a piece of prose or poetry and they could record the reasoning over the photo and share it with the class.

The Free Dictionary by Farlex

What is this? To explain this simply, this is an online dictionary. The user is able to type in words and receive the definition. There is also a homepage function that allows the user to have access to different tools, such as: word of the day, article of the day, quote of the day, this day in history, spelling bee, match ups - word to its synonym, etc.

How can it be used? This app is an essential tool in many classrooms that is quicker and easier to use, but it also allows for an interactive component of reflection on important days in history or interesting articles. This would allow for students to go into the app and do an assignment regarding current events or a topic for an important day in history. Thus, it would be ideal for a L.A or S.S class.


What is this? This app is great for self studying and introducing new topics. The app allows the user to create virtual flashcards. It is a collaborative app where other students or teachers can upload flashcards on topics and they can be used by anyone.

How can it be used? This would be a great self study tool in class for L.A or S.S on any liertary terms, phrases of speech, current events, or definitions. This can also be used to introduce material or to give as a resource. Assignments can be given to ask students to create lists and share them with other groups to prep for tests or to discover new information.


What is this? This is an app that allows the user to create a video or voice file using their devices microphone. There are a number of options, the user can upload a pictures or slides and talk over them, they can use the camera to make a video file of them talking, also there is an option to write comments over the slides.

How can it be used? This would be a really interesting app to use for students to create voice threads to share with the class on a specific assignment. They could make a live biography of a famous person or historical figure and go through slides of pictures of the person of interest and talk over the pictures to explain them, in conjunction with a written piece.

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