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The party is over but the view is still here! #mckerriganlove #paradisevalley

This is a picture of my sister-in-law's wedding. Here's what they said about us!

BEST MEN/WOMEN Both Kiki and I look up to our older siblings in a major way, in part because they have paved the way and lead by example. Perpetually a life “stage” ahead of us, they have counseled us through school, relationships, and growing up. They've also started beautiful families, again setting an example of what we hope to create ourselves.

A Great Example of our Macbeth video project

I assign this project to my 9th graders during Act 5 of Macbeth

Here's the assignment:

Recently...on Macbeth

You’ve just sat down to watch your favorite dramatic t.v. show, and before the show begins, the producers have done you the favor of giving you a recap. It is rare, though, that they just review the previous episode. Instead, they go back through several shows from the season (and sometimes even last season) to replay the moments that will become the most historically relevant for the upcoming episode. In other words, they pick and choose brief key moments of action and dialogue that reveal the rising conflicts that will continue to grow on today’s episode. Stringing these moments together in chronological sequence as well as adding in a narrative to give an overview, the producers set the viewers up for what is to come.

What TV shows do you watch that give these kind of overviews before the show starts? Some shows I can think of are Gossip Girl and Glee. Gossip Girl’s intros are heavy on the characters’ previous actions and words, with very little narrative voiceovers. Glee, on the other hand, tends to use more narrative overview and images with just a few key quotations.


Create a “Recently...on Macbeth” for an assigned scene from Act 5 (Scenes 1-4).

  • You will need to read the scene first and determine what the most important parts are. Then, you will need to think about what previous moments in the play are key to understanding what happens in this scene. What do you need to know about the plot, characters, or conflicts to get it? What are the key moments from prior in the play that lead to the moments in this scene?
  • Write a script for an intro of approximately 30-45 seconds. This is not a lot of time, so this means you need to pick only the most key moments. Your script should include:
    • Approximately 5 quotations/dialogue from different scenes in the play. These quotations should provide the answers to the questions above.
    • Some narrative which will act as a connector between the quotes or a description prior or after the quotes (review Glee examples to see what I mean)
    • Stage directions/plans for how the characters would have been acting, talking, moving, etc. during these quotations.
    • Costumes and awesome settings around Beaver


  • Work in teams of three(ish).
  • Type the script. Make sure that your script obviously shows what is dialogue, stage directions, and narrative.
  • Record your scene trailer.
  • Share your trailer script and your video with the class.

This is where I teach!

Check out this slideshow from Great Books

What I have learned:

  • some of these catchy tools really do have impact when used for relevant purposes - ie anonymity was cool on Poll Everywhere - much more honest answers and good class wide view
  • helpful to do the tool to get its value

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