Project Life

by Chassidy Thomas

About Me.

I am single with my little girl, Lilly Anne. I drive 8 miles to and from work as a Travel Agent.


> I make about $34,000 a year for my annual salary.

> My net income is about $3,037.33.


> $42.92 for my Charitable Giving.

> $223.59 in my savings.

> $75 for Health and Medical Insurance

Personal Investments

I inherited stocks in three different companies; Facebook (10 shares), Electronic Arts (30 shares), and Mobile Inc. (25 shares). Total, my stocks have made me $1553.45.

Chance Cards

The reckless driver who rammed my car last month owes me $500.00, which is $40.00 a month, but I also had to spend $40.00 for a baby shower.


I live at 1599 Sherwood Dr. North Mankato, MN. The cost of my house was $359,900. I pay roughly around $999.44 a month. My house has a basement, two bedrooms, one bathroom, a workshop, and a patio.


I pay $90 a month for Electric/Power, $30 a month for a phone, and $30 a month for Sewer/Water.


I own a 2010 Kia Soul. The total price is $12,980, but I had $2,596 towards my down payment. My total monlth payment is $233.06.

I pay $60 for insurance and tax on my car. My total fixed transportation costs around $313.06. I pay $70 a month for gas, and my maintenance cost is $20.

Home Improvement and Furnitur

I bought a new TV, a coffee table and a sofa totaling $517.99. Monthly, I pay $21.58.

Food, Household, and Personal Hygiene

I spend about $115.60 on groceries. Some days I go out to eat, and spend about $48.50. My total cost for one week of food is $164.10. In a month, I pay $656.40.


When I go clothes shopping, I try to make sure to get things we need. I spent $67.99 on my last shopping trip.

Entertainment and Recreation

On my entertainment and recreation, I spent a total of $144. I chose a movie night for $48, a party for $96, hiking and some hobbies.

Cable and Dining Out

I chose to buy the standard service for cable. Total, I pay $50 a month.

When we dine out, I pay a total of $38 a month.

I donate $42.92 a month to the Salvation Army.

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