Mobile Apps. For Education

For Use in a K-12 Classroom


Some useful Educational Apps. that can be used in the classroom.

5 Educational Apps.


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Mobl21 is an app that allows for educational delivery to be mobile without the constraints of time.

Teachers are able create lessons, have students connect and assess student work. Teachers can offer lessons in puzzles, have study guides and flashcards.

Students are able to collaborate with other students , study when time is best and learn with ease of technology.  


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Twitter is a mobile tool that is designed to get ideas and thoughts out easily.

Teachers can use Twitter to connect with their students and have discussions about any topic in subjects they wish. It is a great way to monitor student thinking and ensure a safe platform for their students.

Students can collaborate with their teacher and fellow students with out a lot of barriers or obstacles that they can have in a traditional classroom setting. Anxiety of face to face , sharing of ideas can be eliminated and help the creativity flow.


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BrainPop is an app. that uses animated images that help support lessons in the classroom. This app. encourages individual, group and whole class learning.

Teachers can record and create quizzes, activities or assignments and all the while incorporate gaming in the learning sense as well. Teachers are able to custom fit lessons to each individual student, eliminating barriers that can obstruct learning for each student.

Students can have learning maximized by fueling the desire to learn in a different and fun way.


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StudyBlue is a free app. that enables students and teachers to access different curricular content in multiple subject areas.

Teachers are able to post curricular objectives and allow for different ways for students to learn them.

Students are able to study and learn from a variety of different modes, from flashcards and notes. Easy access for studying any where and any time.



myHomework is app that can help the classroom stay organised. This app allows for students and teachers connect with each other regardless of absences or time.

Teachers can import course syllabus , assignments , resources and class announcements with ease. This ensures that each student is aware of what is going on in the classroom and enables the teacher to access their work for feedback and grading.

Students can see their homework , assignments , quizzes and lessons. Allow for reminders and class schedules to be shown. This helps with not only keeping the students in class organized but helps with many special needs issues.

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