Cotton Gin

Invented by eli whitney in 1793
(At the bottom i have my paragraph about an invention that has impacted society)

Tired of those long days of picking seeds out of cotton? Eli Whitney's cotton gin can make the job easier! This invention seperates cotton from its seeds so it doesn't take a full day to pick out the seeds.

Eli Whitney

The price is 2 pounds which equals 40 shillings.


For an invention that has impacted society I chose the mobile phones. Phones have changed the way people communicate. Writing letters isn't as common as it was. Now, people call or text eachother. Phones help lost of us out. They have calculators, alarms, and they can give information about the weather.

But, everything about phones isn't good. Sometimes people get addicted to them and spend more time on their phone than doing other things. People get exposed to cyberbullying, and can give out their location without realizing it.

Inventor: Martin Cooper