West of Asia and south of Africa, Turkey is a Turkish speaking country which has 74 million people living there. The capital is Ankara and has a unique and custom flag.

This is a photo of the Turkey flag.


The Black Sea is near to Turkey and major mountains are Mt. Taurus and Mt. Ponic. Some major landmarks are the Library of Celsus which is the ruins of Ephesus and also a major tourist attraction. Hagia Sophia also another tourist attraction


Most people in Turkey wear the same type of clothing we do(shorts, skirts, tshirts, no restrictions. Normally they listen to Folk, Pop, Hiphop, and maybe even some jazz. The majority of people in Turkey are Islamic and eat yogurt mixed with chopped green beans, cucumbers, and garlic or spice. They also eat pide which is like a calzone faced outside with toppings such as ground beef, eggs, or veggies. Some holidays are May 1st is Labor Day, May 19th is Commemoration Day, August 30th is Victory Day, and finally October 29th is Republic Day.


Turkey has a Mediterranean climate so the weather is kinda mild. It is hot and dry in the summer and they have cool,wet winters.

Interesting Facts About Turkey

Some famous people that live in turkey are Mevlana Rumi a poet and Rafet El Roman who was a pop singer in Turkey. A strange law is stealing olives before they are ripe will result in a jail sentence of up to 2 years. Also it is illegal for men over the age of 80 to become pilots.