How To Live In My World:

Welcome Family Martians!

My name is Jasmin Esobedo and this is how your going to live on Earth.

Well I wake up around 7 because I go to school. And I normally get up and brush my teeth and hair.  You brush your teeth with a toothbrush and put toothpaste and begin brushing your teeth. And when you brush your hair ( if you have hair) you use a comb or a brush. When I go eat breakfast, you eat breakfast with silverware and it goes in your mouth. (Depends on what your having)  After I get done with my breakfast, I go and get dressed for school.Once I finished with everything, I go to school.

I attend Ennis High School and in the 11th grade. School starts at 8:30 and ends at 4:00. When school ends, I use to stay for cross country practice but the season is currently over. And so now I just go home unless I have club meetings. I'am in Stuco and Spanish club. And Stuco stands for student council, and its a club where we discuss a lot of things around the community or what we can do as community service. And Spanish club is club where we get together and discuss things we can do for other people. For example, we have a holiday called thanksgiving and we went to the community and gave out turkeys to the most needy people. But other than that I just go start home. Since i don't work, I am a full time student.So I go home right after school.

When I get home, I eat whatever my mom makes and do stuff around the house, like wash dishes and clean up. When you wash dishes, you use dish soap and a sponge to clean whatever is on there and you rinse it off and put it the other side to dry off. And what i mean by cleaning up is like my room and stuff like that. After I get done, I watch TV all day. Eventually, i'll get up and eat a little snack and take a shower.And go to sleep at whatever time I fall asleep.

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