Principles of the Declaration

By: Shayle Morales

Explain the idea of unalienable rights and government by consent

Unalienable rights are rights that cannot be taken from you or denied. So that means like the government cannot take away your unalienable rights no matter what. In the Declaration of Independence, says "people have unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness". Theres are things that things like the government cannot take away from anyone.

Why does a just government need consent of the governed?

They need consent from the governed because people set up the government. They get all of there power from us, the people. The people run the government not the other way around.  The Declaration of Independence it says, " Governments are instituted among Men, deriving (obtain something from)  their just powers from the consent of the governed.

Who is responsible for protecting or guaranteeing our unalienable rights?

Unalienable rights are protected in the Bill of Rights. . But we also protect our unalienable rights but the government helps to guarantee it.  Each person has a different freedom (based on their belief or religion)  but we protect our unalienable rights.  Police officers, and ect. enforce these rights and protect them. m

Are the principles of unalienable rights and government by consent in the Declaration outdated, or are they still true today?

Yes, I believe they are still used today. Although we do have laws for some things that may bring people happiness today of freedom, but is only for the good of others. Like going to jail you are there because you did something wrong that could potentially hurt another person. But I also think we have more freedom now like woman can now vote, and same for African-Americans.  

Do these principles matter to me?

Yes, they do matter to me they could effect voting, or how people treat us. With or without these principles it does have a big effect. We could have a completely different government today, or no freedom. I am glad the way things are so yes these principles do matter to me.


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