Grant Leiter

I'm Grant Leiter. Son of Zeus and some regular women.I was  born 2002, its currently 2017. I WAS just a regular kid living in Seattle.

But that all changed in 2010 when the other gods figured out I was zeus'es son. See all the gods don't like zeus, He's the leader of all the gods. You know that guy with the lightning bolt. Yeah that's my dad. You know how there  supposed to be humans? Their actually tigers.They all live in a zoo on the 1233 floor of the empire state building. I don't want to go up there, Im  afraid of heights... and clowns... lets just say im scared of a lot of things.

If I didn't have my father id be dead now. Monsters have been chasing me since 2010. Hes been fending The monsters off of me, Giving me special weapons and stuff like that my point is I wouldn't be here without him.

My point is it doesn't matter what you're dad does as long as he loves you and cares for you it will be ok. Your just lucky you have parents you could be living in South America with no parents trying to stay alive.

Thank youre dad everyday that hes with you.

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