Daddy's Money

A shoe line by Skechers

Are there not enough spoiled brats in the world already???

Does everyone remember Skechers? Oh yeah, yeah there were the people that made those cool light up shoes you wore to school to impress your friends. But only that one day, because at recess they broke when you jumped in the puddle. It's all coming back to you now.

The demographic of this ad is towards kids probably between the ages of 10-14, and any kid still wearing these shoes in high school probably dissevers to be stuffed into a locker. Skechers markets there shoes to a younger generation, but what this ad promises those young kids is that they will be able to taller, look older, and have way more fun in these shoes then any other. I hate this ad so much! I mean look at! The product looks so stupid, and don't even get me started on the name "Daddy's Money." They take some models, dress them so they are walking the fine line of looking nice and looking provocative.

I think that this ad does a good job of AIDA approach though, so I have to give them some credit there. It defiantly attracts attention (my eyes! they burn!), it creates an interest (people actually wear these? I have to know more), it stimulates a desire (yeah a desirer to have the published charged with a felony for letting this be published), and finally it promotes action (to run to the Skechers corporation with torches and pitch forks).

The ad says that the shoes contain a secret heel in the shoe. Oh shut up we can tell it is there, oh shoot I just blew the big secret how upsetting. In todays world we as a generation need two things; a great body image and brands. Are generation is a consumer culture. These shoes will obviously make us feel better and a whole lot happier and we get to flash around the logo of "Daddy's Money," so we can show off to all are friends how much more important we are then them.

Well it is a good thing everybody's daddy's have money to go around buying their daughters shoes instead of just telling them they love them. This is an example of puffery, which is a white lie the media say to help their product move along. This is just horrible. Telling impressionable young girls, "don't worry daddy will make your troubles go away by buying you shoes, and also it is ok to be spoiled rotten. So go ahead and act like Regina George from the movie Mean Girls."

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