April Week 4

order: right in front of my eyes, my growth, starts with I, what I've learned

*since my "starts with I" was a little more abstract, I figured I should explain-my mom wanted me to take a picture of my cat talking on my iPhone. For some reason she thought that was amusing. Also, my what I've learned photo was a little abstract-it was meant to mean that I've learned to stay true to where you come from.

What actions did you run on your photos?

I ran nice and easy on all of my photos. I ran hendrix and bring on the eyes on the photo of Kaylee. I ran copperfield on the my growth photo. I ran seventies on the picture of my cat on my phone. I ran summer of '69 on the hopscotch photo.

Why did you run these actions?

As always, I love the vintage feel of these actions.

Which photo is your favorite photo? Why?

I really love the "right in front of my eyes" photo for it's pure aesthetic value. I just think it's beautifully laid out. I also really love the "my growth" photo because it is artsy and simplistic.

Which is your least favorite photo? Why?

The hopscotch photo is my least favorite purely because I wish I had had a different color for the chalk. It's kind of hard to see what's happening right now because I had to use yellow chalk since that's all I had.