Mitten Crab

By Melissa Koempel


The Mitten Crab is wanted it has been invading finding new places to live and making it hard for modern life when you have to worry about the mitten crab. The mitten Crab is a formal carrier of viruses and diseases. Its made its way from China and Korea to the Delaware Bay. We have to catch this species before it gets out of hand and invades other places.

The mitten crab can be very harmful to a human and humans health, a method to do would be make sure when you are in the water in a boat and you bring it out make sure it is clean and you see nothing is fishy because that would move the species. The mitten crab has also invaded Germany when they have been destroying the fishing nets, damaging damns and hurting the native fish, the damage that they crab had done would cost up to 5,000.

The reward will be up to around 100,000

Please help

Mitten Crab

Its Scientific name is Eriocheir Sinensis

The Crab comes from the animal species, its an aquatic species.

The mitten crab is a threat to the United States now because its could be a threat to human health and the crab is a host of viruses and diseases, to make sure you don't spread them more make sure you clean your boat and gear, drain and dry.

The mitten crab spreads when humans don't clean you bring the species to another spot to make another home. “Aquatic nuisance species have the uncanny ability to hitch a ride in places we least expect them.”

When the mitten crab go to america it was first found in the Delaware Bay, the crabs got here but hitching rides on things to come all the way to america after they were found in China and Korea.

Some ways the population can be controlled is they have a bunch of control methods such as trapping, trawling, physical barriers, no chemical control or anything.

The mitten crab is a traditional food source of china, mitten crabs also are the only freash water crabs in North America.

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