Diseases Research

Environmental:is things that happen to your from your surroundings around you.

Ex: smoke,pollution,and debris

Genetics:are traits that you can get from your parents.

Ex: The way you look or the way you talk or anything specific that you act like or look like.

Lifestyle Choices:is what you choose to do in your life

Ex: Smoking,doing drugs,or bad driving,not going to college,not being active.

Environmental: Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer is a cancer that starts in your lungs it happens mostly from people that smoke.A congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone, or posture.What causes it is chemicals in cigarettes are known to cause lung cancer.This disease effects individual people by it can make the person stop smoking and start to exercise more,it also may make you cut down on smoking and alcohol.It is treatable by surgery,chemotherapy.or radiotherapy if it is still non small cell lung cancer.Small lung cancer is treated by chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

It is caused by a disruption in brain development.It makes them walk funny and talk werid and they can't do anything that normal people can do.It is treatable by occupational, physical,speech therapists,and surgery.

It is a genetic chromosome 21 disorder causing developmental and intellectual delays.It is caused by an error during the formation of the egg or the sperm results in either one having an extra chromosome.It effects individuals by people with Down syndrome tend to grow and develop more slowly than other people do.Emotional and behavioural therapies work to find useful responses to both desirable and undesirable behaviours.Speech-language therapy can help children with Down syndrome improve their communication skills and use language more effectively.Occupational therapy helps find ways to adjust everyday tasks and conditions to match a person's needs and abilities.