Building Relationships with your Co-Workers

Iesha Taylor

Have a positive attitude

  • come into work like your happy to be there
  • don't take your anger out on your coworkers
  • contributes to having a good atmosphere in your workplace
  • makes your coworkers want to approach you more
  • leads to great conversations

Give a happy hello in the morning

  • Smile and greet your co-worker
  • show them that your happy to be working with them
  • lets them know you have a good personality

Return calls and emails

  • don't ignore you co-workers
  • don't take to long to reply

Accept some teasing

  • learn how to take a joke
  • don't get mad about everything
  • have a since of humor

Trust each other

  • don't have second thoughts about them
  • let them help with work sometime

Help whenever possible

  • don't walk past your coworkers without asking if they need help
  • its also helps you cause you all could learn from each other

Respect different work style

  • Don't try to change how someone works
  • respect how they do things

Show respect to all coworkers

  • don't invade your coworkers privacy
  • mind your business
  • understand their differences

Have small talk

  • ask about things they like
  • ask hows their day is going
  • ask about the family

participate in the outings

  • go out to eat with them
  • participate in the gatherings or parties
  • don't stay to your self all the time

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