Edu 210 Module 9

5 Mobile Apps for Education

My First Mobile App


Toontastic is a mobile App that allows students to build stories using the cartoon characters and backgrounds.

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Toontastic could be used in the classroom as a different way for students to approach an assignment. This app provides students with a mobile App that will capture their interest and allow for creativity.

My Second Mobile App
Voice Thread

Voicethread is an app in which students can post photos, drawings, and images and then have their peers comment on their work.

I could use this in my classroom as a way for students to peer review each others work and not necessarily have to be together for it. In addition I can also access the students work and view the peer review that they received.

My Third Mobile App
Journal Jar

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Journal Jar is an App that provides students with different topics to write about.

For classroom application, this mobile App would be great for assisting students practice their writing. This Mobile app would be especially useful in English classrooms for teachers that have their students write for a few minutes at the beginning of their class. The teacher can use it as a source of new and original topics each day, or even have the students "shake" the jar for their own personal topic every day.

My Fourth Mobile App

Audioboo is a app that allows students and teachers to create podcasts.

For the classroom, this app could be used as an option to use for projects. For example in a social studies class, students could create a radio broadcast describing the events of a historical event.

My Fifth Mobile App

Mobl21 is an app that allows for the creation of mobile flash cards, study guides, and quizes.

For the classroom, this app can assist educators in creating lessons, and also provides the ability to track students test performances. In terms of the student experience, Mobl21 provides the opportunity to access course materials online allowing for more flexible learning.

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