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Shadow Puppet Edu

Shadow Puppet Edu is a storytelling app for presenting pictures, which can be animated, in conjunction with voice overs. The app is extremely easy to use and versatile in that it can be used for all subjects.

Any student in Junior High can use this app to create a presentation for any course. It will improve students' digital story telling skills and speech skills as they read aloud.

Barefoot World Atlas

Barefoot World Atlas is an interactive 3D globe that allows students to explore the world and discover its many treasures. The app will provide students with many fact about every country, including famous landmarks, and the peoples way of life.

Students in Junior High can use this app to learn more about the different countries they are learning about in Social Studies. For example, if the students are learning about Greece, the app can show them where in the world this country is and what the way of life is like in Greece.

DragonBox Algebra 12+

DragonBox Algebra 12+ is an app that helps students gain confidence in algebra and mathematics. DragonBox Algebra 12+ covers the followings concepts:

* Parentheses
* Positive and Negative signs
* Addition of Fractions (Common Denominators)
* Collection of Like Terms
* Factorization
* Substitution

The app naturally progresses the difficulty of the equations the user is required to solve.

Students are learning about and solving problems in algebra all through Junior High and into High School. Students can use this app to help solidify their confidence and ability to solve algebraic equations. It is essentially a cheap math tutor.

Creative Writing Promps

Creative Writing Prompts contains over 1,000 starting lines and writing prompts to help get the "creative juices" flowing. The app records the users stats in regards to writing and also provides prompts to elaborate.

The app can help students improve their creative writing throughout the year. A teacher may ask their Junior High students to select one writing prompt per week and write at least 300 words.

Project Noah

Project Noah is designed to document animals and plants and their characteristics from around the globe. The app educates students about wildlife and preserving it. Users can search different plants and animals they are interested to learn about them or discover plants and animals in their local region.

This app can be used in a Junior High science class during a unit about nature. It can create hands on learning if students go outside and find the different plants that reside by their school.

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