what is a cosmetologist?

by: Lexi Obryant

A cosmetologist is someone who cuts and styles hair.They can also color,straighten,and shampoo.

how do you become a cosmetologist?

~you can go to a training class.

~enroll in cosmetology school.

~pass your licensing exam.

                                      how much does cosmetologist get paid?

             It depends on where you work. It also depends on who your working for.

                                       some related jobs for a cosmetologist

             ~Do nails

             ~Work at a spa

            ~plastic surgan

                                    The Work Envirorment of a cosmetologist

~Help there clients choose a color for there hair

~Help them find a hairstyle

~ when people call to make an appointment they have to find a good time for them and when the stylist has time.





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