How were planes used in WW1?
Emma Johniken & Katherine McCullough

This is a plane about to be lifted in air to go fight.
These are planes fighting or bombing other countries.

  Planes were used in WW1 for bombing/fighting. First, planes were used for spying on other countries. Next, the were used for bombing other countries/cities.  Then, planes have excellent manoeuvrability! They were also used for shooting down planes spying on their country/city.  Also they were used for carrying bombs , yet they still bombed the other country.

What the size of trenches?

This picture shows where the trenches go across.
This is a picture of a trench. The trench is pretty long, and the dirt slides off the walls.

Trenches were MOST popular in WW1 with luxuries Germans invented. The German trenches were usually around 12 feet deep, so it was about 3 stories down. The Germans took advantage to dig first, and got the better ground. They were mainly in the western front. No one was expecting some things to be in the trenches. For example some trenches had electricity. Also sometimes there were toilets. Although some fancy things like those weren't in Allied trenches. Finally the first picture that comes to mind about world war one is the trenches.


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