Cardboard Chair

        I am making a cardboard chair for stem class.

Building stages

I made 3 different model cutouts, I will piece them together, once finished cutting.

entry 2

One design is cut, now I will trace it and cut out another.


Had to change certan cutouts because the cardboard was to small. still cutting out pieces.

entry 4

starting to draw out slits for putting pieces together.  My chair is taking shape, now

entry 5

cut out 7 beams today. It is actually starting to shape like a chair. its all bent and broken though for some reason.

resulting entry

epic fail. Somewhere, somehow, someone or something bent my chair and every alteration I made it just got worse. Now its the last day and I failed so bad. I'm going to guess I'll get an F. also it was to short...              

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2 years ago

keep up the good work