Raid of Dieppe: Was It Worth It?

By: Jacob Bardati

Raid of Dieppe, post retreat of the Allies (1942)

The raid of Dieppe was far from worth it. The forces consisted of 6100 troops, of these nearly 5000 were Canadians. After the assault of the beach, there were 3367 casualties, 1,946 prisoners of war ad 916 Canadians lost their lives. The assault on the beach was such a failure that when the Allies retreated they left all the tanks and artillery on the beach as seen in the picture above. Although the raid of Dieppe was a failure, it helped pave the way for D-Day and taught us a lesson.   

Here you can see how out-numbered, out-gunned, and out-matched the allies were for the Dieppe Raid. When the allies assaulted the beach, it was a complete massacre, the allies were sitting ducks. The purpose of this raid was for the allies to capture and hold the beach for a few hours and then leave it. With a total of 3367 casualties the Dieppe raid should have never taken place and was definitely not worth it.   

I believe the raid of Dieppe was a complete failure, as was troops being sent into Afghanistan to cease nuclear weapons. In 2002 troops were sent into Afghanistan to cease so called nuclear weapons. When the troops arrived there they found no nuclear weapons or any sign of nuclear weapons. Therefore this assault was a fail, just as the raid of Dieppe was a failure. Although the raid of Dieppe brought death and destruction, this prompted the war in Afghanistan.        

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