Grandmaster Buddy Gray began martial arts training in 1965 under Sensei Robert Jock Taylor . He earned his black belt rank in American Goju system in January of 1972. In July of 1973 Sensei Gray began teaching at West Center City Community Center. In 1974 sensei Gray was promoted to 2nd Dan by Sensei Taylor. In 1975 Sensei Gray open his own dojo under Grandmaster Frank Ruiz founder of Nisei Goju Ryu, and was promoted to 3rd Dan in Nisei Goju Ryu that same year. In 1976 we where introduced to the chinese Goju System under the teachings of Kyoshi Ron VanCliff founder of the system. In that same year Sensei Gray returned to teach at what is now called William Hicks Anderson Community Center. In 1977 Sensi Gray received his 4th Dan chinese Goju. In 1984 Sensei Gray was awarded his 5th Dan in Chinese Goju. In 1990 Shihan Gray Co-founded GoSei Ryu Goju Martial Science System. and in 2004 founded the Roku Sei Goju Ryu Warriors.

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