"A legend from Mexico"

Visual Aid: I choose Frida Kahlo as something that can represent my culture because Im from Mexico. Frida Kahlo was recognize as a really famous Mexican painter. Many of her paintings where about what she was going through that time as a Mexican citizen. I think she is a perfect person to represent someone from Mexico. In this project I will talk about four subjects of my culture.

Education: The education of Mexico is ruled by the Secretariat of Public Education. The education of Mexico always has avoiding religiĆ³n in it. After 1910 in other words after the Mexican revolution the goverment established normal education and normal schools. The education in Mexico it's hard to obtain, but at the same time it's really important in order to succeed. Not every child  obtains an education some of them don't even make it to public schools.

Language: The language from Mexico is fluent spanish. This language was brought from the arrival of the Spanish forces. After the arrival of the Spanish forces this language was adopted as the official language for Mexico, because most of the population was speaking that language. The language it's more modern today in the present.

Economy: The economy of Mexico is the 14th largest in the world in nominal terms. Since the year 1944 the administrations have been improving in Mexico. The economy it's all about rapid developing. This country might not have the best economy like the U.S does but it's not that bad like in other countries. Economy it will always depend on the situation of the years some years it's going to be low others it's going to be high.

Creative expression: In Mexico everybody did something different. If you were a painter or a soccer player everybody has something to do as an activity for fun. Frida Kahlo and many other people take art really seroius in Mexico. The art in Mexico it's all about inspiration like for example a soccer player needs to get inspired in soccer to do good and enjoy it. This affects the overral livehood by every children that gets inspire take their creative expression and use it as a hobbie.

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