Brighton Beach Memiors

The Great Depression

The Great Depression  was the longest lasting economic downturn in the history of the Western part of the world. In the United States the Great Depression started  soon after the stock market crashed in October of 1929. This sent Wall Street into a panic and wiped out millions of investors. Over the next several years the peoples spending and investment dropped. This caused huge declines in industrial output. Unemployment was rising and lots of workers were being laid off.

colleges in the 1930's

   UTEP would be a great college for Eugene to go to because UTEP's writing program is one of the best out there. tuition in the 1930's for UTEP was about $400 . room and board was about $520. the books you are going to need is $35 and that's about all you'll need. There are many differences between college then and now. A major difference is that college is way more than it used to be. the cost went up a couple 20 thousand dollars. Also the technology has advanced so you are getting what your paying for.
  The costs of gas back then was about 10 cents per gallon. That isnt alot compared to today's prices. The cost of a burger from Whataburger was about 15 cents. A new car wasn't that expensive, it was about $640. Another food that I found interesting was the hot dog it was 10 cents.


Stan's Apology

Mr. Stroheim ,

I am terribly sorry for what happened back at the shop. I didn't mean for any of that to happen. Its just the way I was raised , I was taught to stand up for your own principles & things that you thought were right.

I thought it wasn't fair for you to take away from his salary to pay for something he didn't do. So I had to stand up for him. At the time I didn't care about the consequences of my actions. I know better than that now. After all, I am one of your best workers and I still want to be one of your workers... Once again I am terribly sorry for my disrespectful actions toward you.

I really need this job not only for me, but for my family. My family is going through a tough time right now. My father lost his job and I must help support my family. If you put yourself in my position I promise you I will never do anything like this again.

beauty and the beast on Broadway

This Broadway musical is one of the classics. critics give it a 5 star rating! tickets for this play are $ 33.75. They first started to perform this play back in 1998, ever since then its been a big hit! Disneys Beauty and the Beast has become an international sensation that has played to over 35 million people worldwide in 13 countries.

Personal Review

I would recommend Brighton Beach Memoirs to anyone and everyone. this play is super funny and super awkward. There are many characters in the play that everybody can relate to! I would rate this play a 10 if I was a critic. If your searching for a good play, read this and I guarantee you will be satisfied.

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