Archetype Appliction

HaileyAnn Barber

Archetype: Damsel In Distress

Background: Usually a young- attractive female that is placed in a situation where she is in need of help.

Damsel in Distress comes from the french translation of Demaselle en Detresse.

2 Ancient

1. Andromeda
Wife of King Cepheus of Ethiopia and daughter if Van Cassiopeia. Was surrendered to the sea giant that Poseidon placed on her island. Father needed to sacrifice his virgin daughter to the monster on the sea by chaining her to a rock. Slaying the monster; Perseus saved Andromeda.

2. Princess and the Pea

The Princess of this story was trapped in a storm and needed a place to stay. The prince of the castle needed a wife to become King. Princess slept over on 20 mattresses with a pea underneath them. Woke up with a back ache. She was a real princess and became the princes wife.

3 Modern

1. Beauty and The Beast

The Damsel in Distrress wouldn't be Belle, it would be The Beast. Prince Adam was cast under a spell and needed to find love and learn what it was like to love someone else other than himself. With that though, his live for someone had to be returned by them to him. He had a rose and he had tell the last rose petal to find love for himself and another for him.

2. Titanic

Rose(the main female) was engaged to a stuck up, ruthless, guy named Cal against her will. She met Jack who had behind Cal's back; showed Rose what true love really was and he showed her that he really cared about her. Upon Cal finding out about her second love, he slaps Rose in the face. During the sinking of the ship, Rose is trapped and Jack tries to safe her. When she is saved, Jack ends up dying in Rose's arms of hypothermia.


  • Near 43% of kids are bullied online. 1 in 4 kids have had it happen more than once.
  • 1 of 10 victims will tell a parent or trusted adult about what happened.
  • Bullying victims are 2 to 9 times more likely to attempted suicide.

3. Cyber Bully

A high school student named Taylor gets a computer for her birthday. She soon after joins the new online social group chat called Cliquester coming to the reorganization that she is the victim of the harsh and nasty comments that are being typed. She breaks down and the people that help her deal and cope with all of the bullying is her mom and other online bullied victims. With their help; her confiedence rises and she brushes it off like nothing.

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